Creating a Global Tech Stack with Troy Hooper

Joining the show today, I am excited to have Troy Hooper, Chief Executive Officer at Hot Palette America. Troy Hooper joined Pepper Lunch as one of the three global business unit CEO’s for the brand, and oversees Pepper Lunch’s parent company in North America, Hot Palette America. Troy brings 30 years of unparalleled experience in […]

The Battle for Hospitality: HITEC VS The Hospitality Show

Back with us today is Managing Director of ConStrata Consulting, Mr. Toby Malbec. This episode is dedicated to the two hospitality shows that recently happened; the industry standard, HITEC, brought to you by HFTP, which was held in Toronto and the brand new Hospitality Show put on by AHLA in Las Vegas at the Venetian […]

The AI Conundrum with Nabeel from Lunchbox

Joining the show today is our special guest, Nabeel, CEO and Co-Founder of Lunchbox however, today’s show is NOT about Lunchbox. It is about AI and the new, free AI application that can be found online to allow restaurants generate food pictures for their online ordering guests. We take this much further into the legalities […]

The Future of Delivery Featuring Aaron Hoffman

Joining the show today is Aaron Hoffman, Co-Founder & Head of Strategy at DeliverThat – a white label, last-mile delivery platform focused on catering delivery and setup. Aaron and I break down what a successful delivery operation looks like for your business: best practices, process changes, considerations for success and so much more. We will […]

The Digital Restaurant with Carl Orsbourn & Meredith Sandland

Carl Orsbourn and Meredith Sandland join the show to talk about their new book, “Delivering the Digital Restaurant: The Path to Digital Maturity.” Don’t worry, this episode is not just a sales pitch for the book. We dig much deeper in conversation about things like figuring out what “digital” means to the restaurant industry, order […]

The Man With The Midas Touch – Chris Artinian

I have an unbelievable treat for you today with another industry rockstar; the man, that I have heard many times before, to have the Midas touch because he has the reputation that everything he touches turns to gold. Chris Artinian joins us to talk about technology through the years and his personal formula for a […]

The Metaverse 101 with Kevin Seo

On this episode of The Tech Chef, I have another special guest that I recorded while I was at MURTEC. Kevin Seo and I had the opportunity to present a fire chat at the show on the Metaverse 101. I thought it only fair to sit down with him and record, 1-on-1, for all of […]

MURTEC 2023 Recap Show with Toby Malbec

Today, as promised, is our 2023 MURTEC recap show. It was a short two weeks ago we were gathered together at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas right in the middle of one of the best conferences I have been to in a very long time. Anybody who has listened to this show for any […]

Critical KPI Tracking with Robert Peterson

Robert Peterson, AVP of New Business for North America at Oracle Food and Beverage, joins the show this week to talk about his involvement with the Restaurant Technology Network (RTN), specifically around his latest workgroup on industry related KPIs. Robert also talks about data standards and how the RTN was able to put these together […]

Crafting a Digital Palate with Scott Lawton of bartaco

Today on The Tech Chef, we will be talking about “Crafting A Digital Palette.”   To talk about how he pulled this off, Scott Lawton the CEO and Co-Founder of bartaco joins the show.  Bartaco is a coastal-inspired restaurant serving fresh, upscale street food in a relaxed environment. Scott has over twenty five years of leadership […]