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Engage with Technology

As operations specialists, we lead with data-driven insights and expertise to create best-in-class strategies.

Because we come from operations, we’re an extension of your team in the provision of implementation, training and support professional services where operational know-how impacts your business.

What we do at Constrata

At ConStrata, we believe that while technology needs can be bifurcated into two areas of expertise, they are,  in fact, inextricably linked. We celebrate an unbiased approach to developing data-driven strategies for our client’s technology planning and serve as trustworthy consultants in identifying the right partners for implementing said plans.

In some cases, we happen to be a good fit for the task at hand. In those instances we’re here to continue the journey in realizing a gold standard technological ecosystem through implementation and activation.


Food Service

We’re a trusted partner for some of the largest and best-known foodservice operators in the world. Our partners lean on our experience and expertise in the field as they negotiate technology challenges and implementation projects. Our clients value our steady hand and deep insights earned through years of experience in the industry.


Our team has worked with the largest hospitality brands, management companies, owners, suppliers and leading independent operations across the globe, helping them to select, implement and provide winning technology solutions from start to finish.


We have helped leading retail brands get their technical houses in order, resulting in remarkable cost efficiencies through appropriate uses of technology.

Clients Past & Present

Leadership team

Experienced experts at the table

Our two divisions are spearheaded by industry experts who have a proven track record of successes in their years of experience. They know the power of technology because they know the nuances of operations.

Toby Malbec

Toby Malbec

Managing Director Constrata Consulting

Martyn Holland

Martyn Holland

Managing Director Constrata Professional Services