At ConStrata, our approach has always been operations-first.

Since 1988, ConStrata has always been the industry thought-leader, in providing creative, innovative and business enhancing solutions for our clients.

We utilize our deep operational experiences and unique technology perspectives to provide strategy through Consulting, implementation through Services and deliver through Digital.

No matter where you are in your journey to meeting the opportunities and challenges in your business, we’re the right partner in helping you achieve your goals.

Our Focus

We’re a trusted partner for some of the largest and best-known operators in the world. Our partners lean on our experience and expertise in the field as they negotiate operational challenges and implementation projects. Our clients value our steady hand and deep insights gained through years of experience in the industry.
Our team has worked with the largest hospitality brands, management companies, owners, suppliers and leading independent operations across the globe, helping them to select, implement and provide winning solutions from start to finish.
We help retailers who operate alongside or are integrated within the hospitality and foodservice segments resulting in remarkable cost and operational efficiencies.

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Leadership Team

Bob Gibson

President & COO

Bob Gibson is currently the Chief Operating Officer at ConStrata. Bob has held this position since June 2022.

Prior to that, they were the Chief Revenue Officer at Jolt. From December 2017 to February 2020 they were the GVP Strategic and SMB North America FBGBU at Oracle. Bob was also the VP Central Region at HSI / Micros from June 2006 to March 2009. Bob Gibson has been in the industry for over 15 years.

Bob Gibson’s experience includes designing and implementing global go to market strategies, as well as being responsible for 8 district and 10 dealer offices. Bob has a wealth of experience in full-service design and implementation services for sophisticated consumers. Bob Gibson is a highly experienced and successful executive in the consumer products industry.

Toby Malbec

Managing Director, ConStrata Consulting

Toby manages the day-to-day operations for ConStrata Consulting, working to leverage his client’s technology investments to bring impactful results to their business’s operations.

Toby is an “operational technologist,” with over thirty years of technical and operational expertise. With stints in hospitality, foodservice and retail, he brings balanced knowledge of business operations and tech/system requirements, ensuring the best possible solutions are provided to his clients.

ConStrata’s Consulting division is comprised of a team of leaders, lead by Toby Malbec.


Eric Dykstra

Digital Marketing Specialist