Approach & Philosophy

Approach & Philosophy

Our simple philosophy is founded on a few key principles. These are the keys to ConStrata’s on-going success.
The Long Haul– We build long-term relationships that transcend any single project or deliverable. ConStrata’s end-to-end project approach means our clients never have to fear being left at the altar. We are there at the beginning and we are available long after the project has wrapped up.

Divide and Conquer – ConStrata believes in parsing projects into discrete, easily managed phases. This approach provides maximum ability to plan and, if necessary, to adjust mid-course as challenges arise.

Fixed-Fee Pricing – Our fixed-fee approach allows our clients to plan and budget with an extreme degree of certainty. Our budgets include all resources required for a successful project delivery.

Out of the Box – ConStrata prefers off-the-shelf solutions that do not require our clients to develop and maintain custom products. Ultimately, this translates into significant cost savings, reduced risk and greater flexibility down the road..

Voice of Experience – Experience leads, insight follows. Our knowledge of these few select industries and the technologies that support them make us the leader in the field.

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