When it comes to recommending and choosing technology, the team at ConStrata is a neutral and impartial player. We don’t play favorites or force you into predetermined solutions; there is no one size fits all philosophy at ConStrata. We are consultants in the truest sense of the word, professionals with the global experience, objectivity and insight needed to recommend the right technology and solutions for each individual project. We can help you balance and make sense of the competing demands of cost, functionality, and hardware in order to maximize desired outcomes for your business.

ConStrata considers itself the best in the business and staying the best means hiring and affiliating with the best, and that takes time and care. ConStrata provides only seasoned veterans of the industries we serve. We favor agile thinkers able to manage the risks inherent in any undertakings involving such considerable costs.

Our experts understand how technology improves operations and profitability of foodservice, hospitality and retail operations, because we have worked in these industries.

Our team boasts:

  • Experience with both technology providers and end users
  • Industry-specific focus
  • Global experience and reach
  • Project and resource management
  • Vendor neutrality
  • Cost efficiency
  • Ongoing relationships long after the engagement is complete